Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Friday, July 4, 2008

Batten Daze

After Two-Fer Day, Becall had another declaration. At the next session I would get the batten and the session after that she would get the batten. She loves anticipation. And so it came to pass that in three days I was laying face up on the couch and she was applying the batten to my thighs. Each lick got a reaction from me as I could not help raising my leg. She gave my front side ten licks and then I had to roll over and take another ten on the backs of my legs. I was striped front and back. But, I loved it.

Next I was over her lap for ten hard and fast with the eternally stingy red paddle. She had me ready to try to get away by the last lick. She so enjoys paddling me OTK. Someday I may like it too.

The red paddle is our oldest toy. She bought it and put it my stocking our first Christmas. It has been used on the both of us countless times, and on the bottoms of a several other lasses.

Every day after my session with the batten, I would remind Becall that her turn was coming and touch her thigh with batten or give her a light lick over her jeans. Like I said, she loves anticipation.

On her morning, we went through her usual lame and false excuses, and soon enough her jeans were off and she was sitting on the couch with her legs spread and her heels on the couch. Most unladylike! I started smacking her inner thighs slowly and after every four licks I would tap her sensitive parts with the batten until she was almost ready to come and then resume with the batten on her thighs. After she had taken her limit with the batten, she was over my lap for ten with her holey paddle. After that we engaged in some rather frenzied sex.


  1. I made a batten for us to use...long ruler like, painful. I actually made it to mostly use on my wife, while I made a different paddle for use on me (a nice little set).

    If I had known then, what I know about battens, I may have made it a little thinner, and a little shorter. Well only my bottom occassionally regrets how it was made, my mind, and another part of me seem to really enjoy it.


  2. It took years for me to take licks on my legs, but once I did I was addicted and Becall came with me.


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