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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wood Paddles

I love to paddle a woman who loves the burn that wood gives. Not many women enjoy wood paddles. Here’s to the few that do enjoy the challenge of wood paddles.

I think round shaped paddles are best. They concentrate the force right where they are aimed. I like ones that just fit the bottom, with little overhang.

I only want to contact the sit spot, the meaty part of the bottom.

I prefer her bent-over - her elbows on a bed, over a low back chair, etc. I position myself slightly forward of her bottom and swing upward and through.

The sound the paddle makes when it lands it satisfying to me. To hear her suck her breath in and remain in position is most enjoyable.


  1. i enjoy your blogg, very nicely done. in our household i,m always on the receiving end. my wife has a strong arm and she knows how to get my attention. she has my respect. she has a beautiful ebony wood paddle with holes that really hurts but lately it,s been the cane for my tender cheeks. it sounds like the two of you have great relationship and spanking will only bring you closer. i wish you both all the best.

    justin payne

  2. Thanks for your comment Justin. Our paddles are all equal opportunity paddles.

  3. My favorite paddle is another homemade. White Oak (left over from a bookcase I made) a little longer than a classic hairbrush, about that shape, but instead of bristles the one side is rounded like the back of a wooden spoon. I'm a big fan of wooden spoons, they have a great sting for their size. This adds a bit of thud or the flat side for a nice hairbrush feel.


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