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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Friday, April 4, 2008

Panties, Panties, Panties

I take the title from a defunct blog that was fun while it lasted.

Panties and paddles go together for me. I started getting pleasure from wearing panties when I was a teenager. I loved the silky feel of the nylon and the sensation of rubbing myself through the fabric. Soft porn and self-paddlings were habitually a part of these masturbatory sessions. I would slip the back of the panties down and with a long handled paddle swap myself as hard as I could 10 or so times. Then I would return to stroking myself until it was time for the paddle again. Usually I would rub myself very slowly just below the head to prolong the experience until my orgasm soaked the front of the panties. I would then wash them out and hang them to up to dry – ready for the next occasion.

After marriage, Becall was most accommodating with my panty fetish and we bought many pairs, yellow, pink, black, red. I prefer panties that fit like tighty-whitey briefs, and with little or no lace. Bikini’s are fun too, but offer no coverage for erections and no support for the boys. The larger granny styles leave me cold. We have often bought matching panties and panty girdles to wear when we both get paddled. It’s fun for us to dress and then do chores or run errands for a hour or two knowing we are both dressed in matching panties and soon we are both going to have hot bottoms. Anticipation!

Last week I watched a m/f spanking on Xtube and noted panties was a key word, so I clicked on it. What I got was not what I expected. There were dozens, hundreds? of videos of men masturbating in panties. Sure it can be fun, but I would have never guessed men would want to share that with others or that other men would want to see it. I led such a sheltered life. Anyway, that discovery prompted me to write this blog entry. Here’s to all the other men out there that share my enjoyment of wearing panties. There sure must be more of you than I thought.

I would love to do a survey of women and their experiences with men who like to wear panties. How common is it? Do most men hide it from their wives?

We have only shared our panty fantasy with one woman. We would all dress in matching panties and paddle each other. It was great when they had me bent over, one putting the wood to me, the other stroking me until I squirted.

Well that is not quite true, we shared our panty play with a switch couple. We went panty shopping and were ready to play, but something happened and they left the next morning rather abruptly. We found that is the way they were. A little play on Saturday and promises of more Sunday morning, then nothing.

A long time back, our neighbor took to coming to our patio door to see us without announcement. We often played in room where the patio door was located. This room had large windows and we seldom closed the drapes as it was private – unless someone was on the patio. I do not recall who she saw getting paddled, but I saw her walking back across our yard. She stopped coming to the patio door and it was never mentioned. The event sparked a fantasy that she would put us in panties and would paddle us when she felt we needed it. She would bend the both of us over the sofa and paddle us until the cows came home.

That is like another fantasy of mine, everyone in the neighborhood gets paddled by everyone else. For example, Becall would hand me a paddle and tell me to walk to Marcy’s house for a paddling. Anyone seeing me would know what was in store for me. Becall could have me put on panties or Marcy could have a pair for me. It’s a delightful fantasy for me when I am in a male submissive mood.


  1. I have just come across your blog and it is an absolute delight to read! It is really refreshing to read about 2 people who just love spanking and really celebrate that!
    I must confess to having a real thing for men in girls pants. Very particular pants I must add! It is naughty, kinky, and especially lovely when they are across my knee :)

  2. "That is like another fantasy of mine, everyone in the neighborhood gets paddled by everyone else."

    Brilliant you are such a spanko, I love it!

    I think a lot of men would hide a panty fetish from their wives, in fact many other fetishes too. You two have it worked out if you can accept and enjoy each others fetish and fantasies. Well done!



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