Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another Aunt Becall

I got something new the other day. Becall likes to paddle me OTK and I like to accommodate her when I can. One morning when I was feeling bullet-proof, I asked if she would like to paddle me OTK. As I expected she smiled and said “Of course!” Still feeling bullet-proof, I suggested about eight licks with the 9-ply and to then paddle me until she was satisfied with the old standby stings-like-hell red paddle.

After breakfast, she got out the paddles and the ruler. I got about a dozen on the legs with the ruler. Each lick leaves a line and makes me inhale quickly. They sting like nothing else, but I love it.

Soon I was over her lap for eight with the 9-ply paddle. This paddle is round and made with nine plies of birch - about ¾ inches thick. It has both burn and thud. She laid the licks on as hard as ever and it was difficult for me to stay in position.

I was still over her lap and she was laying the red paddle on my bare bottom. Before she got to ten I was begging, but she kept on. More begs, more licks, finally she said “You are getting four more”. For the first time, she broke me, it was like a real paddling.

I will be cautious, before I ask for another Aunt Becall paddling.

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