Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday Morning Play

Yesterday, Becall said she could use a good spanking. I am always eager to oblige. As it happened, I had downloaded an old video that we both like titled “Uncle Wayne Woodshed”. The lead girl has a serious mouth on her and we like that. Uncle Wayne uses a good size strap on his nieces bare bottom with vigor. That got me to thinking. So I rummaged through the toy bag to find some implements that had not been used lately. I found a hard leather strap that was given to us by a friend. Becall was making French Toast and I bent her over the island to remind her of how the strap felt. It had the desired effect, she was now trying to talk herself out of the spanking. Fat chance.

Another paddle she has not felt in years, The Sheriff’s Paddle from the makers of Uncle Wayne Woodshed” was taken from the toy bag. It looks like a frat paddle, but is made of light wood and has many holes. It’s a little stingy, but not bad. It makes a swoosh sound when swung. I laid the strap, Sheriff’s Paddle and a crop on the bed knowing she would see them and went about my morning activities. After making her wait an hour, I found her ready, but reluctant, but got her in the bedroom and pulled out some more toys. Her fav strap and paddle, plus a pig slapper that had not been used in many months. The sensations were going to be different today and I resolved to make it memorable.

I started with her fav strap, that was made by a friend. It has soft leather on one side and stiff leather on the reverse side. She can tell the difference in a flash. I warmed her up with a hundred or so licks, all with the soft side. Next I used the pig slapper and this got her attention. Marvelous! So I continued.

I had her stand to take the crop. May I say our crop is the real deal, made for horse flesh. I use it slowly and stop every few strokes to tap her more delicate parts with the tip of the crop. This generates a lot of ass wiggling, which leads to more strokes.

While standing I gave her six with the Sheriff’s Paddle and then removed her panties to finished her off with six from her fav wood paddle. I must say her bottom was redder than it has been for a month or more. I had resolved to not be as lenient on her as I have been of late and I did.

Then we made the double backed monster for quite a long time.