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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Thursday, August 16, 2007

It’s not punishment, don’t bring Mom into this

I do not need or want to be scolded. My ideal spanker is one who is gleefully sadistic. One who smiles and tells me that she is going to burn my bottom up and then proceeds to do just that. She takes pride in hearing the paddle crack forcefully squarely across the meaty fullness of my ass cheeks. She does not flinch when I react to the pain She is firm and ensures the session is business like. But she also has a sense of humor. It's breathtaking to hear her to tell me to assume a novel position and not to move until she tells me I can.

What makes it work for me

1) The top's demeanor. "Professional" and cordial. I am going to light your bottom up, I am going to enjoy doing it and I see no reason to project anything other than delight while I attend to you.

2) Appearance. Most any outfit works for me. What would not work would be very casual attire such as sweat pants. A skirt is good. A glimpse of stocking tops is great. I admit the clicking of heels on a hard floor adds excitement.

3) Words. The discussion of what is to come, orders to assume a position, etc. speaking to the mind makes up most of what is going on.

4) I like it short and sweet. Not that many licks, but hard ones, with serious paddles that push me. 15 to 30 licks are enough.

5) No warm-up and all on the bare bottom.

6) In a bent over position please. OTK is punishment to me. Over a low table, a chair, a bed, on my knees. Heck anything, but OTK.