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Monday, July 10, 2017

What Makes A Female Top?

On a website, a guy asserts that a natural female top/switch is created by an event such as a girl witnessing an F/M spanking AND where the girl harbors feelings of resentment against the boy and identifies with the spanker.

This was news to us. Do you think it has any validity?

If not, is there an event you feel makes you inclined to spank men?

Many thanks, always curious.



  1. Interesting question. I hope you get some female tops answer.


  2. Talking to a woman I knew years ago who was a pure top (she only disciplined men, never received) her reason for why she was that way goes back to growing up with 4 brothers. Her mom was a single mother and her brothers were always in some sort of trouble, not having a father to keep them in line. She would watch as her mom almost nightly punish one or more of her brothers. She witnessed many a bare bottom spanking, in fact on many occasions she was forced to watch and learn and listen to her mom explain that boys needs to be disciplined and kept in check. So to her it was a natural progression as to becoming the top she eventually became.
    This seems to follow your theory in many ways.
    To the best of my knowledge, she's still single and still does this professionally

    1. Interesting and close. To be clear this was not my theory.

  3. I know it's not your theory.
    Other female tops I have encountered over the years pretty much followed the pattern of just simply feeling superior to men. i never quite found out why.
    Personally I prefer a woman who gives and receives.
    I do wish more women following this blog would offer some comment

    1. Perhaps if I could offer a year of pedicures or 20 weeks of spa they would comment.

      And yes, have always preferred a switch, as I switch also.

  4. Granted I have not read the full original post on the other website, but it seems a rather simplistic theory based on limited experience.

    If you were to switch the roles (i.e. edited "a natural MALE top/switch is created by an event such as a GUY witnessing a M/F spanking AND where the guy harbors feelings of resentment against the female and identifies with the spanker.) would the same theory still hold true? I think not. I believe there is more to it all.



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