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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Young Love

You may not have had her Mother literally pour water on you, but you have probably made out in the living room, been caught and had your passionate session interrupted. Great memories of those hormones that coursed through the body making me feel so good and making me desire her so much.

In my summers of youth, girls usually wore short shorts in the daytime and skirts for dates in the evenings.

Short shorts, bare thighs, pert bottoms are forever linked in my mind. 

This post from 2011 talks a little more about Short Shorts.


  1. I recall those days, a couple of girls were a real tease. One such just did not like me touching her bottom, but wanted me to really feel her bottom. Another would put my hand inside her blouse and I would go further. Trouble is and never could figure out, each of their mothers would know, one such was given a spanking. I found out a couple of days later, when she lowered her shorts and panties and her bottom was still somewhat red. That was a real turn on for me, I told her so, she smiled, not today she said, needs time to heal. Really, she said Really.

    1. Mom's did always seem to know what we were up to.

  2. The girls were such a tease, always getting us boys in trouble. One such girl earned me a grounding for a week, chores to do. When I saw her again, she said she was sorry, we were walking by the creek and I said not good enough, I saw a nice log to sit on and soon had her over my lap. She had on loose fitting shorts and I pulled them down, don't you dare she yelled, I took the waist band of her panties and down they went. Spankings are on bare bottoms and I spank her until her bottom was red and stinging. She cursed at me when I stood her up, earned another spanking and over my lap she went. When I stopped she stood rubbing, you like spanking me she said, yes I did, very much so. Pulling up her panties and shorts, she then smiled, being naughty gets me a spanking, I said it will, save that for later pointing at my bulge and she went home.


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