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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Cloakroom

This post is about spanking kids. Yeah, that's taboo. But, I am going to share these drawings and tell you that I was the boy in them. Is this where I got my fascination with spanking? Maybe, maybe not. Lots of folks with a fascination for spanking were never spanked as kids. Maybe, they wanted to be spanked, but it never happened.

School spankings are probably the number topic when spanking is discussed. And consider the number of school girl outfits purchased every year. This sartorial drama has continued long after spanking in schools has been either banned effectively banned. It makes me wonder about our collective intrigue with school spankings.

Even though I was humiliated by the paddlings I got in grammar school, the same kind of paddlings I got in high school have been my frame of reference for the type of paddlings I like to get and give. I find it odd.

Paddlings in my elementary school were more private, but everyone knew when they happened and who was paddled by who.

Now to my confession of childhood humiliation.

English is an expansive language. Why not coat room, rather than cloakroom? Whatever, ours was hallway behind the classroom with open doorways into the classroom at each end. There were hooks on one wall to hang coats. It was also where you were taken to feel the paddle if your pants were to be taken down. Evidently the teachers had a choice. The hall outside the classroom for pants on or the cloakroom for pants off. The upside for the teacher was that she did not have to leave the room. Plus the sounds and cries from the room had a sobering effect on the entire class. It was humiliating for the child being paddled. The last panel is dead on.

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  1. I don't remember but my brother told me I once was spanked in the cloakroom by my kindergarten teacher!


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