Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Switchy Couple

Last week I posted a link to a professional video where the couple switched. This is a link to an amateur couple that switches. Nothing to see here unless you like to see a guy spank a gal and then get equal treatment. We liked the clip, as we have sure done the same thing a few times.


  1. Hello, had not seen this video, it is a great one. And it was a good time to see it. Just because we had just about had the same thing here Friday nite. Yes it was a lot of fun to have two little red hot bottoms going to bed together!!!


  2. Would much like to see more videos like this from couples who believe that spanking is a share and share alike turn-on. The heavy-handed discipline and submission doesn't compute. Give me fun smacks every time.

  3. We would also like to see more of what Bacall terms Joint Action sessions. If you see one, let us know.


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