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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spanking Pictures

This 2010 post is the all time most popular one on OBB. It's ranking is not deserved at all. The title is commonly typed in searching for pictures depicting spanking. Those that get here that way must be quite disappointed to find only one image.

At any time a percentage of the population are in airports, planes, hotels, motels and other places while traveling. If you notice the number pictures on the web that are taken in motel rooms, you might think half the country is naked with camera’s. Many of the pictures I see have either lamps on the wall or a peep hole in the door in the background branding their location. While we have taken pictures in motel rooms, we have taken more at home. Of course, I suspect that most of the motel pictures are taken of friends, not wives.

I looked through my collection of spanking pictures to find a picture to illustrate my point. I could not find one. Obviously I have a bias against collecting such pictures.

Have you noticed the number of commercial spanking Blogs? I think there are a LOT more of them now than a year ago. The defunct Aunt Agony was a shill for commercial sites, but at least it was done with some style. The new ones I have seen one are all bores. They show Muffin, Amber, Pixie, etc. in ridiculous scenes in preposterous poses.

Or maybe it’s just me.

I like my pictures, even if posed, to be believable. This is a commercial picture of a woman whose work was always believable to me.


  1. Not long ago I sent an e-Mail that contained a similiar thought. All things spank have come very far since early non-net days. Sadly, the new voice of spank has not added anything of merritt. I have no doubt money is being made, but the images reflect little more than "bring them in, swat, shoot, and post".
    The imagination behind this Blog as far as I am concerned, never loses sight of the task at hand. Sharing a realistic passion for spanking, while allowing it's visitors to daydream. Images provided run the gammet from a fun distraction, to heartfelt tips as to putting the paddle to work. A picturebook without the book so to speak.
    Not spank from the past for me, but spank as it should be for me.
    p.s. Pictures from the Nu-West's "Motel Discipline" are some of the edgiest, and pioneering spanking images I have ever seen.

  2. Hi
    Some of our best times have been in hotel rooms, when my wife has had a few drinks over dinner and has relaxed into spanking and role play.
    There are many happy memories in my head of hotels and hot bottoms.
    Whilst the .com sites on spanking have all gotten a bit boring it is fair to say that the blogs remain worth browsing so keep up the good work.Michael.

  3. Hi, I would agree, If possible I much prefer to see spanking photos that are believable. I don't tend to visit commercial sites and never pay sites.


  4. Hi: believable pictures or artwork is always preferred. The amount of spanking sites is now unbelievable, as are the number of spanking blogs.
    TTWD certainly makes a significant amount of money for some people. I cannot understand why anyone would join a site, when so much free material is available.

  5. I suspect that one reason so many "professional" spanking photos leave us cold is because 99% of them are crap taken by people who do not know how to take a photograph. If Helmut Newton had done a spanking scene it would have really sizzled I am sure. Most porno looks like a collaboration between slut and gangster and has the sensitivity and the insight of a halogen light. The best is yet to come...

  6. If I were to post pictures online of what I do with my wife, I would certainly take them in a hotel. Our bedroom might be recognized...

  7. Well, yes, I agree and this is wonderfully realistic - in fact, it really could have been me back in the day. I was brought up in the 1960s and 70s and got my bare botty soundly tanned by mom when I deserved it. Exactly like this picture (and with hairbrush often too). There was no debate or exceptions and no PC. It was simply just part of a strict upbringing back then. So I like the realistic retro type photos too. Great photo and a great site. Brenda x


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